Personal Injury Law

Have you been injured in an accident? Has your injury kept you out of work? Are you struggling to pay off medical care since your accident? We may be able to help with your case.

Workers’ Compensation

Were you injured on the job? Are you in danger of losing your job since your injury at work? Are you not getting the full medical care or reimbursement you deserve? We may be able help.

Employment Law

Have you been denied a safe place to work? Are you fighting for compensation you worked for? Have you been unfairly fired or denied family or medical leave? We may be able to help.


“I endorse this lawyer. She’s knowledgeable, patient, and conscientious. A proven advocate.”

Timothy Cain • Employment Attorney

Laurie is extremely knowledgeable and determined to do the right thing for her clients. She is great with open and constant communication, updating her clients every step of the way. Laurie is an overall great person with a wonderful personality and strict moral compass which makes her a dream to work with for any client. I highly recommend Laurie!

S.T. • Client

“Laurie is, without a doubt, the best at what she does. Laurie is smart, confident, supremely intelligent, quick in processing her thoughts, thorough in her questioning, intuitive and ready to take on the world when needed. She is a social justice crusader and the best advocate anyone can have standing beside them. She is tough when she needs to be, but always compassionate and caring. She’s a straight-shooter and will give you the facts, but, most importantly, she will fight with you and for you.”

T.S. • Client

“Laurie Meilleur is the lawyer I would recommend to anyone who needs help to correct an unfair situation. She listens to your concerns, assesses your options and provides informed advice. I truly appreciate that she comes up with several suggestions about how to go about “making you whole” again. She is patient with your questions and once you decide your preferred action, she will get it done accurately and efficiently. She’s very persistent so you can relax, knowing she is fighting on your behalf. ”

E.F. • Client

“I just want to say thank you again. I don’t know if you noticed or not but a week from yesterday will be 5 years since the incident. The news you gave me yesterday gave me relief and feeling that I am getting a piece of my life back. Even though it’s not completely over, some parts are almost over. I know that I will forever be changed by this experience I am forever grateful to God for placing you as my attorney.”

S.H. • Client

“Thanks for your efforts in this. We feel very worn out by this arduous process. Not just the lawsuit, but the entire ordeal. I have not appreciated the way certain parties have carried themselves. But you have honored your profession! If more lawyers were like you, I’d think all those bad lawyer jokes would go away.”

C.H. • Client